Digital Transformation

Best in the class on digital transformation and industry knowledge


Maximize the value of your investment

How do you navigate in the best way in an everyday life that is characterized by increased global competition, increasingly complex supply chains and rapidly changing markets? A stable ERP foundation that is optimized for your industry gives you the opportunity to take your business into the future while managing today’s challenges with efficiency.

Our industry knowledge and technical expertise are at your disposal. When you develop your business model and design new offers, we make sure that you have the processes and systems needed to secure your continued success.

Make sure your company meets the requirements

iNext ensures that security, legislation and other regulations within your industry are adhered to review the entire business’s transactions.

Simplify business processes

Integrate your IT systems to eliminate silo sink and bottlenecks in information flows. Make sure there are waterproof processes both geographically, on-premise and in cloud systems.

Improve efficiency

iNext ensures that you have a tight integration in the business system’s modules with a focus on creating an open and flexible system that can be integrated with other systems. Allow navigation of complex processes to prevent information silos.