5 reasons companies hire consultants

Your guide to understanding why companies need consultants, and how you can become more attractive on the job market.

There are many ways a company would benefit from hiring a consultant for a project, although some questions might arise about the reasoning behind it. Why not just have an employee fill the position? Why take the time and resources to instill the consultant in what needs the company has, their challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, just to fill a function for a few months? This article explains some of the ways hiring a consultant will pay off to the company and might be helpful to those who are just starting as consultants.


New perspective

When dealing with a problem we all need some outside help sometimes. It can be hard to find a solution when you have been working close to it for a long time, that is why it can be very helpful to get an outsider’s perspective. They might have previous experience from solving similar problems, or maybe they are used to working in a different industry and have knowledge that no one from your industry ever thought of.


A specific set of skills

A lot of times when companies decide to hire consultants are when they are going through a change. Maybe they are entering a new market or changing their brand. This might require skills that they do not necessarily have already, which is why they need a consultant!

If you have a portfolio showcasing your earlier work, this will help your potential clients get a good picture of what results you can achieve for them. It is a common mistake to simply state what services you have to offer. Instead, give the potential customer an example of what your services will do for them. If you are a content creator, SoMe manager, show how many new followers you got for your latest client. Or how much more engagement they got on their channels due to your work. Since your potential client is moving into some unknown territory, they don’t always understand how your services work. What they do know however is what their goals are, and they know that they are reaching out to you because you are the expert in this new area.


Potential scapegoat

For controversial and ambiguous projects, the company might take the easy way out and hire a consultant. Should the project backfire or get criticized, the company can always rely on the consultant to take some of the blame. And if they find that you would provide an unbiased point of view, you would be a very beneficial hire.


They trust you

They are faced with an issue that they don’t have the solution to. The stakes are high, they need to solve this problem within a time limit. Hiring a consultant is sort of like a gamble, they’re asking a stranger who knows little of how the company works, to come in and save the day. That is why they need to make the right decision when choosing a consultant to hire. If a company hires you to fix a problem, you should feel proud that they trust you to fix it!


You have industry knowledge

If you have long experience in your specific field, you’ve probably worked with a lot of other companies in the same industry as your next potential employer. With knowledge of their competitors’ business, you would be a very valuable asset to the company. Maybe you know what their strategy is, or their next move, their strengths, and weaknesses. All that information is very valuable to your next employer, of course you might not be able to share what ever you’d like about your former employer, but it’s good to know that information like that will make you more attractive on the job market.


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