iNext AB is committed to delivering exceptional consulting services through a team that upholds the highest ethical standards, complies with relevant laws and regulations, and embraces best practices. This policy outlines the expectations for consultants in work ethics, leave procedures, and adherence to legal and organizational norms.​

Compliance with Swedish Work Ethics and Laws

- Ethical Principles: All consultants are required to embody principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, and fairness in their work.

- Legal Compliance: Strict adherence to Swedish work laws, including the Working Hours Act, Annual Leave Act, Discrimination Act, and Work Environment Act, is mandatory.

- Consequences of Violations: Any breach of these ethical or legal standards may lead to disciplinary action, including termination.

Company Benefit and Non-competition

- Company Loyalty: Consultants must prioritize the interests of iNext AB and our clients.

- Conflict of Interest: Any potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed. Engaging in competing activities is prohibited.

Reporting Sick Leaves and Vacation Requests

- Notification Procedure: Consultants should promptly report any absences. Vacation requests require at least four weeks' advance notice. Sick leave should be reported on the first day of illness.

Notice Period for Permanent Employees

- Termination Notice: Permanent employees are required to provide 60 days' written notice when resigning, to allow for adequate transition and project continuity.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

- Information Security: All sensitive information must be kept confidential. This includes client data, proprietary information, and non-public business details.

- Legal Compliance: Adherence to data protection laws, such as GDPR, is essential.

Intellectual Property

- Ownership of Work: Intellectual property created during employment belongs to iNext AB. Usage outside company work requires prior written consent.

Compliance with Corporate Policies

- Adherence to Policies: Consultants must follow all other relevant corporate policies, including those related to health and safety, anti-discrimination, and anti-harassment.

- Policy Breach Consequences: Non-compliance may lead to disciplinary action, up to termination.

Reporting Policy Violations

- Reporting Mechanism: Any suspected policy violations should be reported to the CEO directly.

- Non-retaliation: iNext AB guarantees no retaliation for reporting in good faith.

Termination and Consequences of Breach

- Immediate Termination for Breach of Contract: iNext AB reserves the right to terminate an employee's contract immediately in the event of a serious breach of contract. This includes, but is not limited to, violations of non-compete clauses, confidentiality agreements, and any act that significantly undermines the trust and integrity essential in the employee-employer relationship.

- Compensation for Competition: If an employee competes with iNext AB’s business interests during or after their employment, particularly in cases where they leverage client relationships established through iNext AB, the company reserves the right to seek appropriate compensation. This includes situations where an employee joins a client or a competitor within a specified period post-termination, as outlined in non-compete clauses.

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