Be Succesful

Be Succesful

We are incredibly experienced in developing smart and competitive IT solutions for our customers, across a range of industries. We supply expert competence within: Java, .NET – Microsoft, R&D – C/C++ – Embedded, JavaScript (and the large frameworks), Node amongst others as well as specialist knowledge within Back-end, Front-end and Fullstack.

What we do


Product Development

Using up-to-date technologies and having great expertise in building any product of any difficulty level, we deliver complex software solutions that meet your business-specific requirements and goals.

Mobile Application Development

Native and cross-platform mobile application development to provide businesses with effective means to reach their customers anywhere they go. Full life-cycle management for iOS- and Android-based applications from prototyping to deployment and testing.

Web Application Development

We build accessible, responsive, and secure web applications with scalable features. Software engineers at At iNext know their way around back-end languages (Java, .NET, and Ruby), front-end languages (Javascript, CSS, and HTML), and database management systems (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, etc.).

Сloud Enablement And Cloud-Native Development

We provide a team of certified cloud architects, administrators, and DevOps engineers to implement, automate, and manage private and hybrid clouds and make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable.

To Develop Is To Create

All businesses need system development. It may be to develop a new computer system, design an e-commerce website, monitor healthcare equipment, or anything else where our developers' distinguished skills are required.

it’s not only technical knowledge that’s required to be successful in system development. Also, industry and business skills as well as leadership are needed. At iNext, we have over 30 years of experience developing technical, innovative, solid, and competitive IT solutions for our customers. We work in practically all industries and in all stages of the development process. Our focus is on working with the most popular techniques and contributing to a better tomorrow. It has made us the leading suppliers of expertise in:
Java, .NET – Microsoft, R & D – C/C ++ – Embedded, JavaScript (as well as the big frames), Node, and more, as well as specialists on Back-end, Front-end, and Full-stack.
We work in selected standard environments as well as with the market's leading Open-source software. Knowledge sharing is second nature to us and we are therefore spreading our skills. Working in an agile way means we constantly develop ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

At iNext, we have a great experience from working with application development in different forms, but firstly from Android, IOS, and WindowsPhone. We can offer both wide and deep competencies within the consultation, implementation, and ongoing work within this area. By offering services that integrate system development, quality processes, and IT operation iNext can contribute to increasing the efficiency of the organization and predictability concerning development, updates, and implementation of applications and their side services.

At iNext we help you to experiment and bring onboard innovative concepts faster and without depending on other technology vendors to do it for you. This can help in greater market competence as your brand would be recognized as a forerunner rather than a late adopter for innovations that consumers desire.


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